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Im in kanto and I just beat lt surge and I need to get a lucky egg to level up my Pokemon.Ive heard you can encounter a swarm of chansey,but I dont know what it means by a swarm of chansey.I need more details about this and I dont understand the details on bulpadedia so I need an explanation thats easy to understand


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In order to find them in this game, you will have to check Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk radio station on the PokéGear. Each day, he will say of Pokémon that have been spotted in a specific area across Johto or Kanto. This changes each day so it's always best to check the radio to see if the Pokémon is available.

The PokéGear and map are also marked with an exclamation mark for the area when a swarm exists.

So just tune into Pokemon Talk, and figure out where the swarm is located. Go there to catch the Pokemon swarming.


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