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I'm using a Mega Metagross on Showdown Ubers right now. Its nature is Jolly and attack EVs and IVs are maxed. However, for a Pokémon that, by technicality, has an attack stat of 505, it doesn't hit as hard as expected, so I'm thinking switching over to Adamant and running a bulky Metagross. Should I, or should I not?

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I think you should stick with Jolly. Mega Metagross' Attack is still very good even without Adamant, and extra Speed is always important. If you end up just short of a KO because of the slightly lesser power, use STAB priority Bullet Punch to claim it anyways.

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I believe Jolly is the better nature here. For one, Metagross already has a monstrous base Attack Stat of 145 which is good. Now, Jolly can serve some really important purposes. For one, it helps tie or beat many Pokémon like Mega Latios, Lugia and others. Also, Jolly can outspeed anyone who decides to put a non-Speed boosting nature on their up to a 125 base stat. Some of these are Mega Lucario, Mega Salamence, Arceus, etc. However, if you run Adamant, you are outsped by speed boosting natures on Pokemon like Mega Blaziken, Genesect, Mega Kangashtan, among others. Because of the possibility of outspeeding Pokémon like those and definitely outspeeding others, I believe Jolly is best.

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