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I have a scizor with defog and a ditto .
I want another scizor with move defog . If I breeded them together would the egg will have scizor with move defog.
I don't care about ivs

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Defog is an egg move on Scyther, so as long as the parent Scizor already knows defog then it will inherit it. Note that Scizor must have defog in one of its moveslots otherwise it won't be passed down

Source: Experience and https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/scyther/moves/6

Ikr(completely a filler)
Does the egg copy the same moveset of scizor
Not exactly copy,but can learn all moves that they can learn by levelling up
No. The newly hatched pokemon will only have a few level one moves and any egg move in can inherit
Aahhh sorry my bad