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..... there's no oxygen in space. He's from space. All living things need oxygen. Does that mean he's immune to water and a man made object? Does he breathe?


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Well, I have a bit of a theory, but obviously other people would have different thoughts.

Deoxys is based off of an alien / virus / mutation.

I want to focus on the alien part. Maybe Deoxys have adapted to living without oxygen, perhaps they breathe a different type of gas.

This is really the only explanation I can think of, hope this helps! :)

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I thought it was based off of Dna.
Yeah, Deoxys is also based off of DNA.
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I’d assume Deoxys don’t respirate at all. They probably get energy from the purple sphere structure in their chest.

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deoxys probably does not breath :

So one of its pokedex entry states that its an alien virus.perhaps deoxys absorbs other forms of matter to survive or it fully relies on the crystalline organ on its chest which is said to be it's brain or its DNA mutated to permit deoxys to breath less or not to breath at all.

well those are just theories and logical conclusion but I hope I helped