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It's movepool has a big variety and have lots of good stats for LC and two amazing moves, Fake Out and Drain Punch. But most people prefer using Munchlax and Canharva (Of course, no one does not use speed boost Canharva to sweep someone's team). I am wondering why no one uses Buneary.

66 physical attack is not good for LC. Fake out is also not really worth using.

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Short Answer, no. It is outclassed by other Normal Types such as Zigzagoon and Bunnelby as offensive presence. Also, it has a rather poor offensive typing that leaves it defenseless against strong Fighting Types like Mienfoo and others like Scraggy who it outspeeds, but really doesn't have any weapons to attack them with. It has no boosting moves to help its measly 66 Attack Stat unlike Zigzagoon and Bunnelby. Due to this, it has trouble dealing with many threats in LC. Because of this, it really sucks. It isn't even On Smogon's viability rankings.

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