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I asked a question abt LC sometime back. I know that vullaby is better for walling but I'm still curious


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One of the sample sets (Showdown Usage) uses Eviolite Scraggy, so it already can be seen that it is recognized by Smogon and is more than a very small niche. According to the analysis, Eviolite can be used on Scraggy if you want to be able to set up on more offensive foes like Pawniard and Onix. Offensively, it's probably outclassed by Pawniard, which doesn't need setup to be good and can do more than just attack, like setting up Stealth Rocks. If you want a dark type sweeper, Scraggy is the best option, if you want utility, Pawniard is the best option. Though really Scraggy is still hard to justify using when Pawniard has Swords Dance + Sucker Punch.

tldr Scraggy is viable but outclassed by Pawniard in most cases.

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Thx for answering my question. Before I ba, I would like to Kno whether drain punch or high jump kick is better as the set u gave differs from the Smogon set. Running:
Iron head/dragon dance/knock off/high jump kick or drain punch
I think drain punch would be better for longevity, because after a Dragon Dance or two you can make up for the lack of power
High jump kick is better than drain punch, even if you have dragon dance. Scraggy needs 1 dragon dance to OHKO Vullaby with high jump kick, but it needs 3 dragon dances to OHKO with drain punch.
Is life orb viable for offensive Pokemon in LC?
it's better on frail offensive Pokemon that can't utilize Eviolite/Berry Juice well without getting KO'd
this team has a diglett with life orb