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I know Azumarill has Huge Power, which is awesome, but Azumarill's Attack stat is 50 and with Huge Power, its base attack stat is only 100. Its bulk is OK, but its really slow with a base speed of 50.
I know it can learn Belly Drum, but Pokemon like Snorlax, who have a base attack of 160 and is also tankier than Azumarill, can also learn it. However, Snorlax is only RU, so I don't understand why Azumarill is in OU

Mainly because of it’s wonderful typing of Water / Fairy, and instead of being a huge power sweeper, it could also be a Perish Song Whirpool trapper
Belt drum, huge power, STAB aqua jet, Fantastic typing. Enough said.
Snorlax's base physical attack is 110, not 160. Huge power also doubles the effects of Azumarill's physical attack EVs, so Azumarill's physical moves end up dealing more damage than Snorlax's. Also Snorlax can't learn aqua jet.

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This is why:

First off, Huge Power doubles the actual attack stat and not the base, so Azumarill hits harder than base 100 attack. Fun fact: its attack stat after Huge Power is equivalent to non-Primal Groudon's attack stat, which sits at 438. Groudon has base 150 attack. Let that sink in for a moment

Water-Fairy is an amazing typing, Fairy being able to cover Dragon's resistance to Water, and Water making it neutral against Steel types

It has access to Belly Drum, which makes it even more of a nuke, and it also has access to a stab aqua jet, making it perhaps one of the most easy sweepers in the OU metagame.

Hope this helped you :D

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Pokemon enter the Uber tier for being broken in OU, not for being "powerful". Azumarill is more "powerful" than Cinderace, but Cinderace is in Ubers.
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Ah ok. I didn't know Huge Power doubles the actual attack stat.