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I was playing HeartGold and was looking thorugh my bag at Goldenrod City and suddenly saw TM30 Shadow Ball in it. I have no-idea how I got it. I’m replaying the game at the moment and just got a Gastly that I want to teach the TM too but I can’t find it anymore.
Does anyone know where to find the TM before battle the 4th gym.

I believe you get it from morty, but he is the fourth gym.... so idk
Someone could have traded it to you.

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You get it from Morty after beating the fourth gym. Sadly, there is no way to get it before that.
There is a way to get Gastly to learn shadow ball though. It learns it at level 29 in those games. It may be over levelling for Morty but if you want it that badly then you could do that. Hope I helped!

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