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When you beat Morty, you are allowed to use Surf. Is it possible to do this?

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I haven't played HGSS, but I'm pretty sure there's some random person blocking the way somewhere until you clear the Rocket hideout.
I don't know... I read a walkthrough saying you could beat Pryce before these guys...
There is something blocking the way; I remember. I don't have enough confidence to answer though :s
oh, ok then thanks
I'm pretty sure the man blocks the way to Blackthorn City, when you try to leave Mahogany Town. Not the entrance to Mahogany town itself.

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Yes, you can - nothing stops you from going to Mahogany Town. You can still participate in the Team Rocket + Lake of Rage storyline, and get your Red Gyarados, which may be of some use to you in the other two gyms.

To challenge the league, you'll need to go through the two gyms anyways. Also, you won't have Fly, which requires the defeat of Chuck, meaning you'll have to actually walk to get from city to city, which can be quite annoying. If anything do Chuck's gym then skip Olivine so you have Fly at least.

So yeah, it's possible, just extremely inconvenient since you won't have Fly.

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Wow. I didn't know this was possible.