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I am wondering this because it's stats look good and it has a good move pool but the problem is it's catch rate which is as low as some legendarys like Zapdos. But I really want to use it for my omega ruby play threw, so is it worth the wait and effort?

This applies to all games where Metagross is available.

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It is only available Post-game, so you better trade for it.
In oras? Isn't it only available from Steven's house?
True in oras Steven gives it too you. But I forgot to add that this question applies to other games too
And if that makes the question too hard to answer then sorry about that
I think you should retag your question otherwise viewers would get the wrong idea or at least add an 'what about on other games?' part to the rest of the details
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Yes it is worth it, it has a great movepool and great stats it's not a pseudo legendary for nothing.
But I don't think you can get a beldum in oras until you beat the delta episode.

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Its movepool and stats aren't very useful if everyone is already defeated when you get a Beldum.
Thank you for you answer