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Like, doing all that training and work to battle Steven again, is it worth it for Mega Metagross, or is there something better/equal to, or the added stat boost on Metagross not being enough? I really wanna know before I put through all this effort to train my guys for Steven.

But you said you wanted to use your mega stones in the Battle Maison, right? So other people who have more experience with the Battle Maison can tell you which mega stones are more useful there.
That's true, but I also said I wanted to use it with In-Game Trainers, and I'll also potentially use it in Challenges of XY/ORAS, through trading, I'd simply get my beldum/Metagross to breed with a ditto every time I wanted to use it for something in a re-play or challenge. Really it'd be better if there was a Mega Evolution/Stone page or something.
What rules do you use when doing challenges?
Also Smogon will almost certainly not make a thread just about mega stones, because nobody can answer questions in it. There are some people who specialize in Battle Maison and use many different items, including mega stones, but I don't think anyone specializes in using mega stones in many different battle facilities and competitive formats.
You know, Monotype runs, Egglockes, things like that, ones that you're able to trade in. Also, okay, I'll use the regular link.
Also, I think I'll follow a rule that if it's either a gift pokemon in the game, or not available at all in the game(so it doesn't interfere with any dupe clause), it's okay(also, obviously no legendaries or mythicals. it also can't be higher level than what the highest level pokemon available in-game is at the time of trade, so it'll be like you found it.)

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If you already did the Delta Episode, your Pokemon should be leveled up something close to the level 70 rematch team. If you still don't feel comfortable try going at the Elite Four to gain experience until you have enough levels to fight Steven in a fair fight.

The Metagrossite is worth it in my opinion, it turns Metagross into a beast and can wipe the floor with anything that isn't a competitive fight. Gotta get the Mega Stone sometime, right?

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By the E4, you mean the xy E4 right, because with the ORAS rematches. I'm pretty sure that you can't stop in-between the E4 and Steven, he's my main worry, all my guys have megas, and are very close if not over the E4s rematch leveling, meaning I'd most-likely fail over and over and over again, though I do admit I'd get a lot of EXP.
No I mean hoenn e4 because if you lose you lose but you probably won't if you know what your doing. The higher the levels the Pokemon are the less it matters how far away these Pokemon are  in level if that makes sense
So you're saying that it doesn't reallymatter if the pokemon in Steven's team are only like 3-5 levels away from me, as long as I have good moves for him?
Yes, exactly, his ai is not as good as a human or even close
Honestly, being able to use Mega Rayquaza is pretty nice, Mega Metagross is good but Mega Rayquaza is far better
That's true, but you can't use Mega Rayquaza in the Battle Maison
Thanks so much for your help!
You where totally right, I just beat the entire E4 and Steven with nothing but my level 65 Groudon(at the start he was 65, now he's 69), so I really overestimated them.