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For example, over the span of about four episodes in “Pokémon, Galactic Battles” Team Galactic discovered the true location of the Spear Pillar, captured the lake guardians, had Hunter J killed and created Cyrus’s new world.

What are the equivalent story points for the other evil teams (including whatever happens with the Aether Foundation) and what are their episode numbers?

Also, as a side question, has Ash ever met Giovanni?

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Aether in the anime is not an evil organization but on the contrary it protects ultra beasts and researches for the protection of Alola
I don’t mean the Aether Foundation as a whole, just whenever Lusamine goes crazy or whatever happens. I’ll edit it.
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Ash met Giovanni in Unova

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Team Rocket: This one is hard to pin down, because they appear in every season and region instead of just Kanto. Personally I think that the climax is BW097. A lot of important stuff happens in this episode. Giovanni almost goes so nuts he dies, Team Rocket controls the Genies, and Meloetta is imprisoned. Ash meets Giovanni in this episode and others.

Team Magma/Aqua: AG097 is where Groudon and Kyogre are awakened, and the power of the evil teams is at its strongest.

Team Galactic is what you said

Team Plasma: BW121 and BW122 are the climax of Team Plasma, where Ghetsis summons and then takes control of Reshiram, Jesse and James help the "twerps" and Looker eventually arrests Ghetsis.

Team Flare: Honestly, you could arguably say the entirety of S19 Pokemon XYZ was the climax of Team Flare. XY136 though, is where Squishy turns into 100% Zygarde and Lysandre disappears, which leads to the defeat of Team Flare

Team Skull and the Aether Foundation: Well, there isn't one. Team Skull isn't a major part of the story, they're just ruffians and rebels who get in the way sometimes. And the Aether Foundation isn't really bad in the anime. The main villains of the SM anime are the Ultra Beasts. The climax of the SM anime arc is SM090 where Ash and everyone else fights Ultra Necrozma.

There hasn't been a climax in Galar yet, Ash is on the fourth gym badge.

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