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....it was a big shadowy Pokemon in the anime ,at the first episodes and ash just had caught krabby...in the end an enormous Pokemon like a dragonite came ...what was that?

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Are you talking about Ho-Oh in the very first episode?
i think he is talking about the giant dragonite in the lighthouse episode.

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Are you talking about the mysterious Pokemon at the end of episode 13"Mystery at the Lighthouse"? Well,I believe it's a Dragonite that is bigger then normal.Sometimes Pokemon can be bigger then there regular size.But that is unexplained why are Pokemon like that.

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After getting a life lesson from Bill and learning that there are
more than 150 known Pokémon species, the friends learn from Bill that
there is only one Pokémon he is searching for, which he claims is the
biggest Pokémon ever. He says it is unique and that no one had ever
laid eyes on it. One night, he says, he heard a strange noise coming
across the ocean from the Pokémon, but that was the last time he heard

So this Pokemon is big

As Bill is reminiscing, the same sound is suddenly heard, and a large
figure appears, rising from the ocean. It is revealed to be the
outline of a Dragonite. As it comes closer to the lighthouse, Team
Rocket is shown scaling the cliff and, upon seeing the giant
Dragonite, they begin launching a barrage of missiles to try to catch
it. This angers Dragonite, and it smashes the top of the lighthouse
and begins to walk away. Bill calls out at it to stay, but to no

I hope this answers your question

I saw that this was the episode with krabby
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You must be talking about a Ho-Oh

Source: I recall seeing the episode.

Not sure if that's a real source or  just copied what PM's comment said c:
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No,not ho-oh ...sorry