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I am planning to binge-watch the Pokemon anime, and I am very excited to watch XY/XYZ/Sun & Moon. The caveat is that I am only on Season 4 for the Johto League, and Ash just saved the Lugias. Are there any episodes that aren't important to the plot?

dont take my word for it, but it probably doesnt matter if you havent watched the old seasons. id bet the show is made so newer viewers can jump in, as it is mainly aimed at kids who are young enough that they werent watching back in the older seasons
Depends. What are you specifically trying to skip?
You can skip everything if you want to watch Sun/Moon. If you're planning to watch X/Y, you would have to watch the last few episodes in Best Wishes series starting from where the gang met Alexa to understand why Ash went to Kalos. If you want to drop in at Diamond/Pearl, keep in mind Ash brings a pokemon from Hoenn.
Here's a Suggestion. Just watch gym battles and the Kalos league. The other episodes are just like eating Lunch or helping out other people which is quite boring.

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Okay, since this has been Unanswered for more than a day, I'll try my best to 'answer' this one.

To be honest, I'm not big into the Anime. Thus, I did what I could do best: Googled it.

A Google Doc by a user on Reddit here solves the problem, as he/she cut it from "700+ episodes to 170", so this should help out, big time. The user says there is no discontinuity in the story line if one were to watch the list he/she provided.

Finally, a rather detailed post on GameFAQs lists out the fillers, but is up to date till Unova only.

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I hope it's okay for me to put the links as is. Also, I didn't mention the username because I found it ..odd, if not slightly NSFW (or maybe I'm overthinking, in which case, my bad). Also, this was basically just Google work, I'll be honest and say I didn't put any real 'effort' into this. Eh.
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Honestly, that isn't something that truly can be answered. Each person will have their own opinion to whether you should skip an episode/season or not.

In my case, I have watched almost everything and it takes time, so if you don't want to spend time on general filler episodes, then skip to the big battles, like the gym battles. Most people want to see these rather than to watch the whole season.

If you want to skip a large amount of episodes, the you could skip a whole region. In Black & White, they basically did a restart so that the newer audience could enjoy it better. So that's a pretty good season to start watching. If not, then watch the few last episodes in Unova so that you know his reason for going to Kalos. (Kudos to "A Geeky Jawa" for pointing this out.) If not, then you could alternatively skip directly to Sun & Moon, although I can't say anything from personal experience because I haven't started to watch Sun & Moon.

So in conclusion, you could basically skip everything. But every time you skip an episode, you lose an episode worth of enjoyment.

Not sure if I helped or not, but here it is!

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I binge-watched every episode once. If you are a Pokémon Fan, then watching every episode can help you identify almost every single Pokémon in the current Pokedex. Also, it can help you get to know most of the characters.

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