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I have seen pictures and videos of Pokemon where it is in anime form and the focus was on a different character to ash. The pictures and videos I have seen show a character that resembles Gold/Jimmy and his Typhosion , and also Gold/Jimmy battling against Jasmine and one more picture featuring what looks like Brenden and another girl.

So was there really another line of episodes focusing on different protaginists? and if so , were they ever released?


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There are 26+3 anime episodes that didn't starr Ash. In these episodes he only appears 3 times and is only shown very briefly.
There are 26 episodes in the so called Pokemon Chronicles serie. This serie also contained the standalone The Legend of Thunder episodes and the Pikachus Holiday episodes.
Apart from those, there are the 3 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon episodes as well, starring Pokemon as the protagonists.

Ooh, I'll have to watch them.
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i only know of one other line.
pokemon chronicles has an episode titled the legend of thunder which was released in japan in 12/30/2001, but was not released in the usa until 07/03/2006 for part one and 07/10/2006 for parts 2 and 3. it features 3 trainers whose names are: jimmy (based off ethan, the male player character from Pokemon gold, silver, crystal, heartgold, and soulsilver), marina (based of kris, the female character from crystal.), and vincent (based off no one) so jimmy, marina and vincent are from new bark town, and attempt to stop team rocket agents attila and hun from capturing raikou. again, thats the only other line I know of. there could be more.

thats all, folks!