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Look, I have this Gigantamax Shiny(It's Legit Btw). I have it In a team with Mimikyu, Scizor, Salazzle, Dracovish, and Sandslash. My Hatterene has
248 sp.attack. 248 sp.defence. 4 defence. Evs

Moves: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, and Calm Mind.
Ability: Healer
Item: Weakness policy (Since it has like the BEST defences.)

I love Hatterene, but should I trade it for anything else? Or should I keep it but make improvements?

Hatterene functions best as a TR setter, I believe, but your team doesn't need one at all. Also Healer is inferior to Magic Bounce.
Eh I wouldn't run a WP tbh idk how well it can take a super effective physical hit with those EVs.
Well, to me, yes

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I'm no competitive expert (especially considering I like gimmicky sets way too much), but I believe I could give you some fairly solid advice. To do that however I am going to be covering some errors that this set has.

EV Spread

In a meta where physical Dragapult is all the nada, you probably want to invest in Defense rather than Special Defense. 57/95 bulk on the physical side is probably going to be iffy with all the Scizor and Aegislash running around, and you certainly want to go physical defense against many other threats too. Of course I'm no expert and this could probably be a bad suggestion, but nevertheless I believe this would be better.


Weakness Policy is probably the base item run on every offensive Pokemon because it seems like a safe way to revenge sweep, but with your EV spread I genuinely do not think Hatterene could even utilize it properly. As mentioned above, the flurry of Steel-type physical Pokemon will trigger your WP but considering how slow Hatterene is, it will just get outsped and hit again before it can utilize that boost. Life Orb is a way better item for Hatterene especially considering the thing I'll discuss below.


If you want to sweep with Hatterene, use Trick Room. 29 Speed is literally not going to get you ANYWHERE in this meta since so many Pokemon have the potential to outpace and kill you. The most obvious replacement for Trick Room is Calm Mind since with the speed flip you won't really need any more setup considering Hatterene's 136 Special Attack stat.


Magic Bounce is way better. But I understand that you might not want to go through the process of looking for a Gigantamax Shiny HA Hatterene so this isn't needed. If you are willing to put a lot of effort into making Hatterene excellent, definitely go for Magic Bounce.

I wanted to leave this one very brief. Hope this helped. Also considering OU isn't the only metagame that exists and there are a lot of other Pokemon I didn't mention, I hope this very short corrective answer helped you.
Oh, and thank you @~MegaCharizardY~ for pointing out the WP thing.

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No problem, also I'd like to point out that Dragapult is very commonly a Choice Specs user and Aegislash is sometimes a Special Attacker as well :P