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For example if you level up a chimchar after a battle it gets stat points. Would you get more stat points by battling the same Pokemon with an infernape?


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Yeah, Ike is correct... but that has nothing to do with Pokerus...

Leveling a Pokemon even after its pre-evolved form will not lower its stats, and most of the time, you even learn some new moves quicker than evolved.

When a Pokemon evolves, the game will recalculate the stats regardless of level, and according to the evolved Pokemon's base stats.

Like how Magikarp's base Speed is 80, and evolved as a Gyarados is 81.
The game will recalculate the stats according to that.
(Bad example... but l hope you get the point?)

If you have a Lv 100 Feebas, and a Lv 100 Milotic, and both have perfect IVs, with max EVs in Speed, when evolving the Feebas, it will have the same exact Speed stat as the Lv 100 Milotic.

Good answer and i meant it wouldnt change the evs gained unless it gained pokerus after it evolved
Well remember that Pokerus only activates afterwards.
KOing one Pokemon isn't going to give them a billion or even noticeable stats.
And, what are the chances of even catching Pokerus without infection?
Does that include stat final stat total. like eevee maxes at 229 speed but jolteon has 394 max speed so if evolved from stone at lvl 100 would it adjust that too or would i need to do it at 99 hypothetically  and have him lvl up at achieve the difference?
Dude, this was 4 years, and you bearly see sam any more.
Haha, l still check PokemonDB from time to time although l am not so active!
You could use your Thunderstone at 100 and it s speed stat will still go from 229 to 394 speed.
What l failed to mention in my old answer (to make things a lot more understandable and simple) is that when the game is "recalculating" your stats, it looks at what the new Pokemon is (evolution changes the Pokemon itself) and takes the the IVs, Nature, Trainer info, etc. and adds them all up with the new Pokemon's base stats. Since it isn't Eevee anymore, and is now Jolteon, it'll have 394 speed.
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Nope....Unless it gained pokerus after it evolved.