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Hi so, I'm replaying Y, and so far my team is just a collection of Pokemon I find cool. However, I noticed in the past, my team usually has one insane weakness, and I can't figure out what it is so far.

My five Pokemon are:

-Quilladin (Thanks for the name Y!)
-Shiny Litleo
-Honedge (Thanks for the name Drapult!)

So that's Grass, Fire, Water, Electric and Ghost/Steel. And whatever type Chespin will turn into.

What type is my team really weak against? And what recommendations do you have to cover said weakness?

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By baby ghost sword, do you mean Honedge?
And Chespin's evolved form is Quilladin
I believe so, is Honedge the first stage?
yes it is. Also Chespin's final evolved form is Chesnaught.
Yes, first stage

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Your team's biggest weakness is Ground types, with 3 weak Pokemon. Fire types are in 2nd place, with 2 Pokemon that are weak.

  • For Chesnaught, which is what Quilldin evolves into at level 36, I would suggest a strong Grass STAB to cover ground types. At lv 35, it gets Seed Bomb. I also suggest Earthquake or Stone Edge/Rock Slide to cover Fire types, which both Chesnaught/Quilladin and Honedge are weak to

  • You should give Wartortle/Blastoise Ice Beam (TM13) for coverage against 4x weak ground types like Garchomp. Otherwise, give it Scald or Surf as STAB and to cover Fire and Ground types(TM58, HM03).

  • I don't know what to say about Pikachu, other than evolve it into Raichu asap. You can give it Grass Knot(TM86)to patch up its Ground weakness.

  • Litleo doesn't learn any moves to cover your team's major weaknesses, other than Hidden Power and some physical moves, however I'm assuming your Litleo/Pyroar is special.

  • Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash doesn't learn any moves to patch up Fire or Ground.

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Who told you it evolves at level 50? It evolves at the not-super-high level of 35.
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Quilladin, Honedge :D

Your team is weak to Ground, as Litleo, Pikachu, and Honedge are weak to it. Another weakness would be Fire (Quilladin, Honedge).

I suggest using a Flying type such as Talonflame. Teach Honedge / Doublade Fury Cutter for Dark types (I can't remember if Honedge or Doublade gets it, oops). Talonflame neutralizes the Fire weakness along with Wartortle, plus it's immune to Ground. It also resists Fighting, which most of your team takes neutral damage from (plus it will help with Korrina). Adding Korrina's Lucario also isn't a bad idea later in the game, though it would be a double type overlap.

Hope this helps! :)

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Oops didnt see your edit. Adding recommendations right now :)
Talonflame is a great choice if you didn't choose Charizard
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3 Ground and 2 fire. I inputted your Pokemon types here. Oh and chespins final evo is chesnaught, fighting/grass. first evo is just grass. I calculated with final evos. Wartortloe/blastoise covers both, chesnaught also has ground coverage. you an add another water type if you want more coverage. Otherwise, any other Pokemon is good if you are fine with those Pokemon as coverage. Mantine is especially good for this, a water type move and ground immunity.

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Thanks, but what pokemon should i use to help cover that?
So, when your Pokemon get to a higher level, teach them TMs that cover the team's weaknesses
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So your team isn't actually bad in terms of weaknesses. The only two types you have multiple weaknesses to are Fire(2) and Ground(3). Fortunately, you already have Pokemon to cover these weaknesses well(chesnaught and Watertortle). But just in case your Chesnaught and Wortortle go down, I suggest adding talonflame to your team. Talonflame is a fire/flying type which means it adds an immunity to ground and a resistance to fire. You can catch a fletchling on route 2 and it will evolve to a talonflame at lv36.
This website is great for planning teams.
Hope I helped!

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Your team has a major weakness to ground and fire types. The weakness of all your Pokemon when they are fully evolved are:
Chestnaught, Grass/Fighting, Weaknesses to: 4x to Flying, 2x to Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy. It resists Ground, Rock, Water, Grass, Electric, and Dark.
Blastoise, Water, Weaknesses: 2x to Grass and Electric. Resists: Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice.
Pikachu/Raichu, Electric, Weaknesses:
2x Ground. Resists Flying, Steel, and Electric.
Pyroar, Fire/Normal, Weaknesses: 2x to Fighting, Ground, Rock, and Water. Resists Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy, and Ghost types have no effect on it and vice versa.
Aegislash, Steel/Ghost, Weaknesses,
2x to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark. Resists: Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and can't be damaged by Normal, Fighting, and Poison types.
Based on typing, your team is strong against Ground, Rock, Water, Normal, Steel, Ice, Dark, Fire, Flying, Bug, Grass, Ghost, Psychic, and Fairy types.
I recommend getting a Fairy type like Sylveon for your team. It can cover Dragon and Fighting types. It doesn't have many weaknesses in Poison and Steel types, plus it has an immunity to Dragon types. I also suggest teaching your Pokemon TMs so they can cover their weaknesses.
Hope this helps.

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