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I really want to complete my pokedex in X/Y, but some of them include trading. So is there another way to evolve Machoke without trading? (I know that there are other Pokémon that has to trade to evolve, but right now I’m only focusing on Machoke)

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The answers are correct but if you have like pokebank (and if their continuing it idk) you can import from an older game
Pro tip: deposit an Abra in the gts and ask for any nin mythical pokemon. Watch the magic
This is xy lol. And plus, said they can't use gts
The gts thing works for all 3ds games. I know since I've used it myself a lot of times
No like on tys answer they said they can't use it
Oh didn't notice that. Either that or I commented this first but whatever

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No, but since this is in X and Y, what you could do is put a Machoke on the GTS and ask for another Machoke, since others will be looking for a Machamp as well :)

Hope this helps!

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I’m not able to
Whether you're able to or not, this is very clearly the best answer.
ok yeah, cause this question is for everyone to see. ok!
how can you get Machamp in sun and moon
GTS, that's what she said. In Festival Plaza, you can trade with other people, and there's the Wonder Trade, the GTS, and some other type of trading that I forgot. But yeah
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Nope. Trading is the only way besides hacking.


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No. The only way to evolve it is by trade.

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