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I was scrolling, and just thought of this. My idea of this matchup is 'Level 100 Magikarp v Level 1 Eternamax Eternatus'. I was purely curious, because Magikarp learns only tackle naturally, as far as I can remember, while Eternatus learns more powerful moves, but then, there would be the whole thing about stats and EVs and so much more that it would be interesting to see these two fight. You're free to choose your own 'worst and best' Pokemon, because it'd show how much something either sucks, if the Level 100 lost, or how much Levels affect the game, if the Level 1 lost. It'd be cool to know!!

Is this with a magikarp and eternatus specfically? And what about things that for some reason don't have attack moves(like a Chansey with only wish protect toxic and stealth rock) agains something it can't do anything against? (Like a poison type). Should that count or not cause it depends on how intelligent they are, or if they made a bad mistake
I found one that works without FEAR but it's kinda dumb because you need to get them to a Chansey/blissey. Most sets have this blissey/Chansey(obviously the name and item are different, but the moves are the same.)
Chansey (F) @ Eviolite  
Ability: Natural Cure  
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD  
Bold Nature  
- Toxic  
- Protect  
- Wish  
- Seismic Toss

What does that fail against? A gastly. Gastly learns toxic too so you can stall them.
This is basically the one thing I could think of but it involves getting them to only a Chansey/blissey and also having them only have no effect moves on gastly, as well as no aromatherapy or similar status condition removing moves. So yes? With fear and random setup yes? With luck? No.
It depends on the circumstances, really. Movesets, EVs, IVs, stats, pokemon, stuff like that.
I don't think EVs, IVs, natures, or movesets would matter at all. Unless the level 100 Pokemon has no moves that can damage the Pokemon it's battling, I'm nearly positive that almost any attack will OHKO the level 1 Pokemon.
@ ☆SleepyDreepy☆ No, that was just the format I envisioned personally.

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Even if a Pokemon is considered the best, it can't win against a level one hundred Pokemon at only level one. Even if it is the worst Pokemon that is level one hundred. The level of the Pokemon plays a big difference in the outcome of the battle.
Check this out:
In this replay, I purposely made Blipbug not attack for a few turns. Even if a Pokemon has a super effective or powerful move, it would do so little. Why?
It all has to do with level and stats.
Because Eternatus was only level 1, it had horrible and such low stats. Even if it landed a Flamethrower, it wouldn't do that much because it's stats aren't the same. The lower level a Pokemon is, the lower it's stats are. Because Blipbug was level 100, it's stats were much better than Eternatus' stats. This is how a Blipbug that used Infestation, a 20 Power move, was able to knock out an Eternamax Eternatus. This would be the same for every other Pokemon. As cool as it may sounds, a level one Pokemon just doesn't have the stats to take down a level one hundred Pokemon.

Hope this helped.

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Thanks!! It helps a lot actually!!
Your welcome.
Because Blipbug was level 100, it's stats were much netter than Eternatus' stats.

What is netter? Or is it Better?
Crap. Thanks for pointing that out.