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Gallade is my favourite Pokémon, and I have already chosen it's moveset:

Nature: Jolly (+Speed | -Sp. Attack)
Ability: Justified
Held Item: Muscle Band/Galladite
- Psycho Cut
- Drain Punch
- Leaf Blade/X-Scissor
- Ice Punch
Characteristics: Good Endurance (+Defence)

But, just that move choice is tearing me apart, and I just want it done. I have no idea what to choose. I know this of what both moves can do:

Leaf Blade: Be able to defeat bulky Water-Types like Swampert, Milotic and Starmie. It's a little stronger, and it has a higher Crit-Hit ratio.

X-Scissor: Has an advantage over some other Psychic-Types, but is weaker. And it fits with the X in my name.

Yeah, so I can't do more than ask about other peoples opinions. Please help me.

Why is this tagged Sword/Shield? Is this competitive or a playthrough?
Competitive, but you see, I start to build up my Gallade through ORAS so I know what to do if I get a Switch with Sword and Shield.

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Gallade is a really fun choice for your team! So first and foremost, much respect for using it. :)

In my opinion, Leaf Blade would be your best pick out of the two. Like you mentioned, it handles bulky water types very nicely and the high-crit ratio certainly doesn’t hurt. While X-Scissor does hit Psychic-Types a bit harder, Gallade’s own Psychic typing makes it a little harder for them to deal with it, so I wouldn’t personally worry too much about it. However, Ghost-Types could give you a bit more trouble. So, instead of X-Scissor, you could opt for using Night Slash instead. Not only does this hit the Psychic-Types hard like X-Scissor does, it also hits Ghost-Types hard as well while also giving you the added high-crit ratio that Leaf Blade has. Hope this is helpful. :)

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To be completely honest I'd go with Knock Off over both of these, but if I had to choose between those two, Leaf Blade is a way better option. You get water and rock coverage, plus it's more powerful and has a high crit ratio. This is great for the water types you're worried about. The only one weak to X-Scissor is Starmie, who will die quickly to a Leaf Blade or two.

But I still think you should have Knock Off.

Agreed! Somehow I assumed this was a playthrough set he was working on. If it IS meant to be competitive, then absolutely go with Knock Off.
Yeah, just why I would want choose Leaf Blade is because it's good as a playthrough move and I've seen it as a bit of a competitive move too, but yes, otherwise Night Slash and Knock Off is really good choices too. Thank you both for helping me! I really appreciate it, Bro.