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I'm not very good at explaining, but my question is a follow up to this:


So like, I have multiple 3DS's, would the timer reset if I swapped the DS i'm playing in or what?

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I don't have a 3DS yet, but I plan on getting one and getting OR. I plan on shiny hunting, so I need to know. Thanks for asking this question. I think it might not be affected. I don't know though.
Hm... I don't think the game knows what DS you're playing on so it may be locked? I don't know though lol

Wait never mind that means it wouldnt lock

Wait im just confuzzling myself
Commenting to bump because im desperate
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When entering the Nameless Cavern, The clock is automatically recorded onto the cartridge, so if the cartridge time doesn't match up with the 3ds time, the game will lock the player out 24 hours. Since the Time on the 3ds will not match the time on the cartridge, the cartridge will detect a calendar change and lock out, so you will have to wait. Sorry :(

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Hiii thanks for you answer, that makes sense. do you have any sources to back your answer?