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When I play Diamond, I tend to notice something about a Pokemon's cry. If I send out a Pokemon with it's health in the green, it has it's usual cry. Send it out with health in the yellow and red and the cry seems to get a little longer and deeper. Let the Pokemon faint, and it's cry is a little longer and a little deeper but more than when it's health is in the yellow and red. Is this what is even going on? And if so, does it happen in other games too?

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Yes! It happens in every main series games from Generation 3 (I only know about that). When you send out a Pokémon in a battle with full health, it has it's normal cry. But when it faints, it's pitch gets deepened and cry becomes lengthier! A Pokémon cry began to worsen when the HP indicator turns yellow colour. This gets even more bad as the gauge lowers!

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Source: my experience.

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Since Generation III, when a Pokémon faints, its cry will be lower-pitched. In Generations III, IV, and V, this also applies if it has critical HP or a status condition when entering a battle or when it is checked in the status screen.

So as you see, health affecting cry happens in all games Gen III onwards.
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What gen IV onwards?