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I just caught a female Absol I named Lynette from Route 120 in Emerald. The Pokedex registration popped up with the dex entry and all that. I walked back to Fortree to heal her and my team. When I was walking though, I suddenly heard Absol's cry! I was not viewing her summary page. While I was walking, I heard Absol's cry between the music, it was so slight and faint - you won't hear it if you're not all ears.

Does this normally happen after you catch a new Pokemon? I don't think I ever heard it other than with Lynette though...

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Starting in Ruby and Sapphire, you could sometimes hear random cries of Pokemon that were available in the area you're walking through. These cries are unrelated to whatever may be on your team or whatever you recently caught, except that if you just caught something and haven't moved to a different area since, that Pokemon will obviously be one of the possible cries you can hear.

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Thank you for the answer!
Wow I never knew that, how many Pokemon games is that feature in?
Just Ruby sapphire emerald @gmax
It features in at least FR/LG too, and in the remake games it's used for making a Pokemon pop up with DexNav.
Ok thanks