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Absol is one of my favorite Pokemon, with insane attack and decent speed, absol can be a force to be wreckoned with. also blessed witha mega evo, absol can be a dangerous monster in the metagame. one thing I'm worried about is his defenses. Absol arguably has the worst defenses tied with zoroark for dark types. I want him to last long, but what moveset should I give him and how should I perserve him?

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Absol is generally all about power, and you should not be concerned about its defenses, because they're actually quite bad. Rather than beef up Absol's defenses, take advantage of the fact that Ansol can have teammates that can help sponge any unnecessary damage, and use Absol to sweep the rest of the team. Use defensive Pokemon with some form of recovery to heal off residual damage. For example, Gliscor deals with absol's Bug and Fighting weakness. In addition, you could set up Light Screen and Reflect to halve damage from attacks.

Mega Absol should be running a Swords Dance set, or an all out attacking set.
Normal Absol's Life Orb all out attacking set stands out most of all.

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