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It lowers Attack and Defense, so why is it on almost any Absol moveset? And should I give Absol Superpower or Swords Dance?

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It depends on if you're running Life Orb Absol or Mega Absol. LO Absol should have Superpower over Swords Dance, as it has terrible defences and usually relies on raw power rather than setup . For Mega Absol the Attack and Defence drop isn't that terrible, as it still has crap defences and it also has a usable Special Attack stat, so it can function without maximum Attack.

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Coverage. Coverage, coverage, coverage.

The drop in attack and defense is often worth it, as Superpower is usually intended to be a OHKO. The opponent then sends a new Pokemon, one which is likely strong against absol. You would switch, thus negating the stat drop.

Both are viable, though be aware that Absol is not that bulky, and can't take that many hits.

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So Superpower over Megahorn too, then? If thats the case case, is this moveset good?
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Trait: Super Luck (Magic Bounce)
-Sucker Punch
-Psycho Cut