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How do I get Absol to learn the move superpower?

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I have my Absol, and I looked up a good moveset for it and almost every single post said superpower. It says on this website that Absol can learn superpower by various move tutors throughout the game, (Pokemon X and Y) but I cannot seem to find the move tutor. Please tell me where he/she is.

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2 Answers

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It can only learn it in Generation 5 through the Move Tutor in Black & White 2. You'll have to transfer it using PokeBank if you want it in X & Y.


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Sorry to break it to you, but Absol can't learn Superpower in X/Y since there aren't any Move tutors to teach Absol Superpower. You will have to use Pokemon Bank to transfer an Absol from Black/White 2 with Superpower to X/Y.

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