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Alright, Ive been IV breeding for a while, and got 2 nice ones I think, They're both the nature and Ability I want (Adamant and Super Luck). But what do you guys think? which one should I keep/use? or should I keep Breeding? and yes This Absol is going to be in my Pokemon X :D

Absol #1 IVs
HP - 25
ATK - 31
DEF - 13
SP. ATK - 27
SP. DEF - 31
SPEED - 31

Absol #2 IVs
HP - 30
ATK - 31
DEF - 23
SP. ATK - 21
SP. DEF - 24
SPEED - 31

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It won't be in your Pokemon X until December because you can't transfer it until Pokemon Bank opens.

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Second one, considering that its HP is higher and its defences more even. Imo 20+ is a good IV stat. And also sp. atk is something you could care less about for Absol.

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Thanks man! :D
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It is all up to you the first one is better at sp d but the second one is better at def and hp. If it was me Id go with the second just because it has better health and people I battle have Pokemon with focusblast

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