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I have tried a few sets that are good but I can't seem to pull any of them off. Absol is so frail, please help. Thanks!

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Here's a strategy for you:

1st turn: Go Absol! opponent sends out golem
2nd turn: Absol mega-evolves uses protect. Golem uses earthquake
3rd turn: Absol come back! Go hydreigon golem uses earthquake hydregion avoids it using levitate
4th turn: come back hydreigon go absol! golem uses stealth rock it is bounced back using magic bounce!

other than that and bouncing back taunts I wouldn't really use it. your right it is frail so maybe try this...

Item: Focus sash
Ability: super luck
Evs: Atk and Spe
-Sucker punch
-Swords dance
-Magic coat/ Play rough
-Will-o-wisp/ psycho cut
It's so much better than it's mega, i've been sweeped by this

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lets see... So, you should use it as a lead. or as a baton passed sweeper, So what I would recommend these things.

[email protected]
Hasty Nature
252 Speed, 252 attk, 4SpA
-Play rough
-Flamethrower/Fire blast/Taunt

This is a pretty good way to counter a setup, as it will counter the Setup moves like Sticky web, and then leaves you free to hit them the next turn or taunt, so you can suckerpunch them to death, but flamethrower is an option for things like Forretress. Fire blast is less recommended because of the accuracy issues.

Or you could use it like this
[email protected]
Hasty Nature
252 Speed, 4 Attk, 252 SpA
-Play rough
-Flamethrower/HP ice

Alright this may be confusing, seeing as how the Absol has most EV's in SpA, but is mostly physical, and yes they can be swapped but it has a purpose not being like that. That is because it works with...

[email protected] Sludge
Jolly Nature, Speed Boost
252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Attk
-Protect/EQ/Iron Defenses
-Baton pass
-Swords dance

Baton Pass Scolipede became less common with the Baton pass limiting... but is still very viable. The EQ is just there so that you can have an attack... but Protect is so that you can at least build 1 stage in speed before Baton pass. Iron Defenses is also an option as it can help remove some frailty from the Absol.

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