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So, I know that Mega Absol may not be too realiable even if it is allowed, but I want to experiment a bit. Plus, Talonflame pairs quite nicely with Absol. I tried looking this up, and all I could find was that Mega Absol was in UU. If I understand, OU allows Pokemon from every tier except Uber, meaning a UU Pokemon should be allowed. Am I correct in assuming Mega Absol is allowed in OU?


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Smogon has established [Six] clearly defined tiers. Metagames restricted to a particular tier automatically include Pokemon from lower tiers. In practice, this means that in OU play, Pokemon from the BL, UU, RU, NU, and [PU] tiers are allowed to participate, but Ubers are not.

Yes, you can use Pokémon from lower tiers (and all "un-tiered" Pokémon that aren't CAP, Limbo, Pokéstar Studio Pokémon/Missing no., or Mega Rayquaza) in higher ones, although, Pokémon in lower tiers are generally lower because Pokémon in higher tiers perform better and or to a better consistently than the lower tiers.

Source - A little outdated being from BW, but same concept. :P

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