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What psychic-type move is better for Absol? Psyco Cut, or Zen Headbutt? I know Zen Headbutt has more power, but Psyco Cut has a high critical-hit ratio. Any suggestions?

I prefer the Psycho Cut cause it's got more accuracy and it stacks with Super Luck o3o

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If absol has Super Luck, then Psycho cut would be a good choice, to make the chance of a critical hit higher because of the move and ability having a high critical hit ratio. Zen headbutt is better with Pressure. With a base power of 80, its sure to pack a punch. It also has a chance of flinching.
I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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Psycho Cut is preferred. And like you said it stacks with Super Luck and has more accuracy.

Thanks! I almost forgot about super luck :P
Amazing how the wording is almost exactly like Stellar Lucario's comment...
1+ chance of crit, not accuracy
He said that Psycho Cut has better accuracy than Zen Heatbutt. He already mentioned the crit ratio boost.
That's a good observation Trachy...
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I would recomend Psycho Cut for the reason of the high critical-hit ratio. Zen Headbutt has good power but only has 90 accuracy.

Psycho Cut is better for Absol.
Hope I helped! :)