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So, for my Sapphire Nuzlocke, I really want an Absol. If I catch an Oddish before then, which should be super easy as it's the most common thing on the route before absol is available, then I either catch an Absol, or a Surskit, which I think is less likely, since it's farther down the list and has 1/4 of the pie, same as Absol is Surskit a harder find than Absol, or are they the same rate? Thanks everyone!

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99.9% sure it’s a 50/50 chance between if it’s pressure or super luck
Super Luck isn't in Gen 3, Absol can only have Pressure until Gen 4.
It's not, ah well. Anyawy, can someone answer the second question then?
Ok, I will try to. No one snipe me please.
"is Surskit a harder find than Absol, or are they the same rate? Thanks everyone!
In which route?
120, the only place you can find Absol in rse. Sorry for not clarifying more.
Why is a worse answer selected than a far better one with more upvotes and a better read, something that's legible?
Hey, hey, I didn't select the other one, because he did answer my question, but added a bunch that I didn' t need, I already caught everything else in that route, I just needed Surskit and Absol.

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Absol is 8× times more likely to be found in route 120 in Sapphire than Surskit


Surskit has a 1% chance of appearing I'm that route which leaves Absol having a measly 8% of being found. Its highly implausible you'll find an Absol in that route in Sapphire. The Pokemon having the highest chance of appearing in route 120 in Sapphire are: Marill with a 15% chance of appearing, Zigzagoon with a 20% chance of appearing, Linoone with a 30% chance of appearing, and Oddish with a 25% of appearing. This really makes it implausible to find an Absol, unless....
There's an optional dupe clause in a Nuzlocke that allows you to search for another Pokémon if the first encounter you get in an area has already been encountered earlier in the game. All these Pokemon I listed appear somewhere before 120 so there's a chance you might have already seen them which allows you to hunt for an Absol in a convenient way.

[image showing where route 120 is located]

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_120

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in game, you can check where the routes are lol
Ik, it's just for convenience.
So.....op edited the question so it no longer mentions a Nuzlocke, just explaining if my answer does not make sense.
I checked, dupes clause applies to everything but those two, and Mighteyana and Poochyana are only in Emerald.
Sorry, it's still a nuzlocke obviously, just forgot about that.
Also, I don't have a Poochyana/Mightyana, I have a Linoone, so if anything, I better hope the opposite. I have caught all the pokemon on that route, or something in their evo line, except Oddish(easy catch in Route 119), and Absol and Surskit
You can't get Mightyena/Poochyena in RS on Route 120
Yeah, that's what I said, and he hasn't responded, he must have left after posting that last comment.
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Absol is easier to get than Surskit, as Absol has an 8 percent encounter rate, and Surskit has a 1 percent encounter rate. Just be aware you could get a Kecleon, as they have a 1 percent encounter rate too.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_120

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I did it because people where getting mad at me for not BAing the other one, and he had more stuff and answered the second half of my question, even though with the %s it was easy to know.
No one was mad at you, we just found it odd and pointed it out.
Okay. Sorry for all the confusion, and thanks for explaining that.
Ok, now I understand, sorry