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I want to know what are the chances of me going into grass, surfing, fishing, or interacting with a legendary or tapu, and it having its hidden ability. If there IS even a chance please tell me what it is. Thank you.

I'm pretty sure that HA's can't be obtained straight up like that, only by special means. I'll let someone else go look it up and make sure though.
Wait, so is there NO WAY to get HA Pokemon in XY without the appropriate friend safari>
In ORAS, if you use the DexNav, from my experiences, you can get it from 5 - 20 encounters :D this is from my chances of getting Hidden Abilities (HA)

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There is no chance to randomly encounter a Pokemon with a hidden ability.

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So no chance of me getting a Telepathy Tapu Bulu? Well... Time to wait for them events!