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There are some pokemon like Kingdra and Politoed that say in the pokedex they are located at certain routes. No matter how many times I fish at places like route 6 for Politoed, I can't seem to catch one, is there acertain place or tile I need to fish for them?

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You need to fish in the bubbling spots, the spots appear randomly in the water,pokemon like that cant be catched in regular water, so goood luck finding yer politoed

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Crap, forgot about the bubbles...
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On the Route under Mistralton City and Above Driftveil City, in bubbling spots in the water, while fishing, there is a very low but a chance a Politoed will appear.

If you just go into it without using a Super Rod, The closest you can get to Politoed is Poliwhirl.

This won't work until you beat the Pokemon League first time, a) you can get a rod after you beat the Pokemon League, impossible before b) Pokemon From Other Region don't appear until the first Pokemon League defeat.

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