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So in case if you didn't get it, I mean if you, for example, used Perish Song and have Shadow Tag, it would guarantee KO if the opponent doesn't have an ability like Run Away or doesn't use an item, right?

I think it would be cool if you new strategies that guarantee KO, but include Abilities used with Moves, please.

definitely machamp+no guard+fissure but that's illegal

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definitely machamp+no guard+fissure but that's illegal
commented 8 minutes ago by kiyertok

It does work, but no longer now, since

  • Machamp must have its Hidden Ability because it has a move only available from Gen 1-2 Virtual Console transfer.

So it's illegal. When you go for ability, Perish Song+Shadow Tag works, such as with Mega-Gengar.
If not counting ability, then Mind Reader/Lock-On with one hit KO move works, such as Mind Reader Articuno + Sheer Cold as Pokemaster told:

Articuno can learn Mind Reader (guaranteed hit next move) and Sheer Cold (OHKO). I think Poliwrath could also learn a similar combination in generation 2. And of course, Smeargle can learn any move, so Mind Reader or Lock-On then a OHKO move would work.

Mean look + Perish Song also works if ability aren't counted, but as you told, with abilities, so it won't count. As already told, No Guard machamp is incompatible, so the ones would be Perish Trap + Shadow Tag Mega Gengar, not counting abilities means Mind Reader+OHKO moves and Whirlpool/trapping move with Perish Song.

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Thank you, Swastik! :)
No problem.
If only ability patches worked the other way around too we'd have a broken Pokemon in the meta