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Since I can't use the word 'better' without making the post appear subjective, this will have to do. I'm making a gen 7 UU team and I want to start with an offensive wallbreaker. Right now, I've narrowed it down to Terrakion or Mega Aerodactyl. Which one is more effective in the UU metagame and (preferably if you have the knowledge on this) why?

I play Gen 7 DOU, and I see Mega Aerodactyl more, only seen Terrakion like one time.
doubles is different then singles, its a huge difference.
I would also think a choice band terrakion would be better, because it doesn't waste a mega
I would recommend terrakion since it has type advantage over 10 types.
If a wall has haze or unaware, Mega aerodactyl is better
I know, you could have a better Mega.
first express your team ,then probably I could tell ya
Like I said, I'm starting with Terrakion/Mega Aerodactyl (depending on what's more versatile). For team members, I'm probably gonna include Starmie due to personal preference and because I found it to be pretty strong against Ground types like Mamo. The hazard control might also be nice. I'm also thinking of Infernape, Scizor, and possibly Celebi but it depends. Krookodile might also be on the team. I won't go into detail because like I said, I am gonna start with either of the two.
alright give me a few mins....

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Terrakion is kinda capable of taking hits and hitting back harder whereas M-aero is more of a glass canon .
good partners for terra-Scizor Mega Manectric Mega Aggron Krookodile Klefki Volcanion Moltres Tentacruel Hydreigon Togekiss Celebi Tsareena Latias Pokemon Doublade Gengar and Magneton .
good partners for M-aero - Rotom-C and Celebi Tentacruel, Empoleon, Starmie, Hydreigon, and Volcanion Scizor Doublade, Infernape Swampert Hippowdon and Krokodile .
M-aero - powerful , versatile and dominant mon of UU
terra- one of the strongest wallbreakers in UU
Team synergy for aero- If you are going to use the team you said all mons match well with aero
Team synergy for terra- If you are going to use the team you said some mons match
checks to M-aero - water types ground types(if not carrying ice fang) steel types and priority moves
checks to Terrakion- faster mons bulky waters and grounds psychics and Doublade
Conclusion - terrakion's type clashes with infernape and is not as fast as M-aero . M-aero has checks too and is a glass canon but is also a wall breaker . I would suggest M-Aerodactyle . (Its still totally your choice. but aero is a little better)
Aerodactyl-Mega @ Aerodactylite
Ability: Tough Claws
EVs: 252 Atk / 248 Spe / 8 def
Jolly Nature
- Ice Fang (coverage against checks like gligar)
- Roost/Pursuit ( recovery)/(switch predictions and tough claws boost)
- Stone Edge (STAB)
- Earthquake (coverage)
Hope I Helped!

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