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Like I meant the extra-attack-but-still-not-technically-an-attack part, I feel that it is kind of similar to each other, with doing “extra damage”.

Basically what I’m asking is is Gulp Missile like Parental Bond? Does it do fixed damage like Parental Bond does?


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If hit by an attack in either form, Cramorant spits out its catch at the attacker, dealing damage equal to ¼ of the attacker's maximum HP and inflicting a secondary effect depending on its catch: Arrokuda lowers the attacker's Defense by one stage, while Pikachu paralyzes them.


Parental Bond causes most damaging moves used by the Pokémon to become two-strike moves, with the second strike being half as strong as the first. It does not affect multi-strike moves.


They both do "extra damage", but they're not the same. Gulp Missile does fixed damage, while Parental Bond does not.

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If Cramorant gets hit in Gulping or Gorging Form, it spits the Arrokuda or Pikachu at its attacker, even if it has no HP remaining. The projectile deals damage equal to 1/4 of the target's maximum HP, rounded down; this damage is blocked by the Magic Guard Ability but not by a substitute.

Yes, gulp missile does do fixed damage

Parental Bond allows the ability-bearer to attack twice. The second attack hits with 25% of the power, so in effect it is equivalent to a 25% boost to all attacks. Parental Bond is the signature ability of Mega Kangaskhan. When the ability is in use, the mother and child each attack.

So, they are similar by doing extra damage but the effect is different.

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