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It looks like Bagon is a poke radar encounter on route 210 in Pearl. It would be cool if it could have that high shiny chance.

Since the Cute Charm glitch only limits the personality value the game spawns based on your ID and secret ID, as long as is the opposite gender, it should work.
So PokeRadar spawns are generated by the game like regular spawns?
Kind of like that. But spawns different Pokemons. It still spawns the way wild Pokemon's personality value works.

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Cute Charm will affect Pokémon found via Poké-Radar as long as they don't have a specific Gender (e.g Tauros, Miltank) or Genderless Pokémon.
Source: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/dpphgss_rng_part5

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That guide is what made me question this in the first place. Why does it include a Poke Radar section it Cute Charm glitch does basically a similar thing but better?
Probably because people either don't want to use the glitch because they think it is wrong, or they just like using the Poke Radar for some reason.