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Because is overall stats was 670....


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Okay, what you said was kind of correct, but the reason was innaccurate.

No he isn't, but this is why.

These are the requirements to be a pseudo legendary.

A. Your base stats Have to be over 600 . Check.
B. You must not already be a legendary
C. You must have a dual type.

He isn't a pseudo, because he lacks a Dual type.

He din't really want a reason !! :P
arcanine has no dual type
Arcanine isn't a pseudo.
The only pseudos are: Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, and Hydregion.
Im not sure about the dual type part. Because Goodra is a pseudo legendary and it is only dragon type.
I agree with iMadMatthew. Goodra is pure Dragon type, so I don't think dual type is a requirement. Also, all Pseudo-legendaries have 3 evolution stages, and Slaking meets this criteria as well. Maybe his Ability (Truant) doesn't allow him the Pseudo-Legendary status...
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Not really because his ability makes him very weak, and yes that stats are good but if you think, truant is like lowering stats at 50%, slaking is more like a i just want a kill pokemon or a good end turn one

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Personally I think that a Pokemon that has stats OVER 600 (some say it has to be AT 600) should be a pseudo legendary regardless of how common it is or its ability. Yes, truant is really crap, but Slaking has enough attack power to OHKO Pokemon first turn. (choice band giga impact takes lives, plus no recharge TECHNICALLY due to truant) so that is my verdict. He SHOULD be a pseudo legendary. People mostly consider him a gimmick Pokemon but you can work around its ability with the right moveset, nature, item and tactics.