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i beat the game and im trying to catch all the pokemon im on the legendarys so where are they?


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Cobalion Mistralton cave (you need to catch him first before the other 2 musketeers, you need surf and flash)

Terrakion Victory road (theres a rock that blocked you, but after cobalion it dissapears)

Vizirion Pinwheel forest (you can acces after cobalion )

Victini Liberty Garden (Event)

Thundurus / Tornadus (roaming pokemon, you got to check the bulletin boards)

Landorus Abundant shrine (you need to have thundurus and tornadus in your team, and then talk to the shrine)

Kyurem Giant Chasm (You need strenght and surf)

Volcanora Not really a legendary, but you catch a lvl 70 in deep relic castle


you catch him right before you fight N in his castle after defeating the Elite four.
Thundurus is a white exclusive and Tornadus is a black exclusive  (you'll have to have a friend or global trade to get Landorus)