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This is kind of a question about some particular instances where hitting a Max move through Protect should logically trigger an item but I'm not sure if it will. For example...

  • Will a Coalossal hit with Max Geyser still activate Steam Engine while protecting?
  • Will a Weakness Policy be consumed when hit through Protect?
  • Will Justified or Rattled activate when hit through Protect?

It seems like they should, but I'd really like a confirmation on how Max Moves interact with Protect in these situations.

Thanks to anyone who answers!

Sorry I can't test it now. Probably someone else will answer but I assure you you'll have an answer tomorrow.

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Yes it does. I've had rhyperior protect while aromatisse sets up trick room, and when a may geyser(because apparently they love to kill it rip) it triggers weakness policy. Steam engine, rattled, and justified are all basically the same, just abilities that have stat changed when hit by a certain move type so I'll give you the replay for just justified.
Justified triggers through protect. It's safe to assume that all those ability ones are the same. I can add them if wanted though.

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Thank you!
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