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So I'm doing a Pokemon Platinum playthrough right now. One of my team members is my Rapidash. Its best physical fire move is Flare Blitz, which I don't feel would be very good on such a fragile mon. So, I'm wondering if I should run Flame Wheel (physical 60 power) or Flamethrower (special 90 power). Here's the current set and stats:

Level 44
105 Attack
93 Special Attack

Poison Jab
[Fire type move]

It would be appriciated if you could do calculations with and without a Flame Plate/Charcoal.

Flare biltz is better and it has got nothing to do with fraility!

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Since its SpA is very close to its Atk, on paper Flamethrower seems like the better choice. However, Flare Blitz' recoil isn't as bad as it seems if you have some potions on hand. I'd go for Flare Blitz for that reason.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! I've never been keen on recoil moves, but I'll give it a try.
Glad I helped