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I'm referring to the like 3 fire types available in Diamond and Pearl. Certainly that's an issue, and I've seen fans complain about it time after time again.

I wonder if Nintendo has ever acknowledged it, or addressed it, especially since remakes are assumed to be on the horizon.

So database, has anything ever been officially said about the fire type issue in gen 4?

What's wrong with having only 2 fire type families? You don't really need fire Pokemon to play any Pokemon game.
Maybe the fact one's a starter and the other evolves at level 40???? Idk man, seems like a huge issue and a big limitation to me.
Why do you need a fire Pokemon that evolves faster than Rapidash?
You don't need any type to play a Pokemon game. But that doesn't mean that only having two Pokemon of a type is a good idea. Multiple options should always be a thing.
More options means needing to memorize more Bulbapedia articles in order to know how the game works. Some of the best games, like chess and go, are fun because players can create complex strategies using only a few pieces and rules.
Not really though, they couldve threw in vulpix and growlilthe and called it a day. A few more isn't that much

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I don't believe they ever made an official recognition of how few Fire types there were. They must've realized, however, as more were added in Platinum, and the amount of Fire types per regional Pokedex has never been as low as Sinnoh ever since.

It can be assumed that this problem will be at least partially addressed in potential remakes, however.

Hope I helped!

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