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So let's say there was only one Legendary fire type, and all other types had at least 2 Pokemon (Obviously It includes duo type) So Fire type would be the answer I am looking for.

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Poison have 0 legendary Pokemon, so it have by far the fewest.

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Unless you count Poison-Arceus. :O
As Arceus-Poison is only a form of Arceus and the default type is Normal, Arceus is most often counted as Normal.
And what is with all the upvotes? It's literally just one sentence.
it's a sentence constructed with the gray matter between your ears.
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Fairy, only legendary Fairy type Pokemon(currently) is Xerneas. Source: You can even check it by yourself on this site. But I knew that. And I know that you know that too.:)

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Considering that a majority of legends are duel types(I'm excluding Arceus seeing as it can shift between types), the primary type mainly being dragon, it can be hard to say. But I would probably say it's bug, Genesect is the only Pokemon that comes to mind when I think of bug legendaries, it's type being bug and steel. Secondly, the only ghost type legendary I can think of is Giratina, making ghost another type not commonly used. Of course there is the new types that are to come in the next generation, though I'm not quite sure.

I hope this answers your question :)

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its giratina not garatina
my mistake, thanks for pointing it out