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I was just wanting to know but I do not want dark for the least gym leaders since it has absolutely no gym leaders of that type (but somehow has an elite 4)


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The least used Gym Type is Steel and Bug and Ghost. Steel is used by Jasmine and Byron Total of 2,Bug is used by Bugsy and Burgh Total of 2 and Ghost is used by Morty and Fantina Total of 2

The most used Gym Type is Water It is used by Misty,Wallace,Juan,Crusher Wake,Cress and Marlon Total of 6

SOURCE : Experience and This

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Expereience reallt isnt much of a source in this case, and it's crasher wake ;)
LOL, Ben. xD
Bug is also used by the first gym leader in x/y
there has been an electric gym in every core series game ever
This was made BEFORE x/y