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basically, I want to know if there's any set order or if there's some AI behind it or if it's just random.

I think their non-fainted Pokemon are in a set order. When sending out a Pokemon, they look at your Pokemon, and send out the first one of theirs that has a super effective attack. If none have any super effective attacks, then they just send out their first one.
sumwun is correct. They've definitely got some sort of battle intelligence, but how much I have no idea. I doubt it is random.
They send out their Pokemon in a set order.

Source: Knowledge and lots of Bulbapedia
Converting this to a comment because it doesn't suffice as an answer unless it has clear evidence to support it.
not sure what determines it, but i think its just the coding of the game. it would be harder to add a randomizer to an already large game for the time.

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