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So I was watching a Metronome Challenge video, and while fighting Kabu, Metronome became Circle Throw on his lead, Ninetales. Circle Throw damages the opponent and drags another Pokémon out.

Anyway, it dragged Centiskorch out, and Kabu immediately Gigantamaxed it, despite both of his other Pokémon being alive and healthy.

So do gym leaders in Galar Gigantamax/Dynamax their chosen Pokémon just whenever it comes out, and other factors such as the number of Pokémon still alive don't matter?

Also here's the video if you were curious: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBxetfXX8sM


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I'm almost 100% sure that gym leaders will Dynamax/Gigantimax their ace Pokemon at the first given moment. So yes, you could say that it's an automatic thing.

This also goes for a few other main characters, such as Bede.

Bede will Gigantamax his Hatterene at the first opportunity.

Hope this helps! :)

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Milo will Dynamax his Eldegoss at the first opportunity.

Nessa will Dynamax her Drednaw at the first opportunity.

Opal will Gigantamax her Alcremie at the first opportunity.

In all battles, Raihan will Gigantamax his Duraludon at the first opportunity.

Source (check each Leader page)

Only some are mentioned as Dynamaxing at the first opportunity. However, this could be Bulbapedia not displaying the information on the other Leader pages. No matter the case, it is safe to say that at least these four do.

Hope I helped!