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Bell tower is kind of cheesy what with the clear bell and the bells on the roof. I like Tin Tower. It sounds cool. Thats the name they use for it during diamond and pearl too. I wonder why it was changed. Honestly, It kind of confused me at first, because I've played silver (tin tower) and I thought my heartgold would have tin tower too.... but no. Does anybody know why?

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The main speculation is that Tin tower sounded a lot like twin towers, and following the 9/11 attack in the United states, they didn't want to risk it. It seems kind of stupid to me, but people are offended really easily nowadays. Also, the Japanese name, Suzu no Tō, can translate into "bell tower" or "twin tower." It's possible that they thought bell would be more appropriate than tin though.

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there is an actual religious site called the Tin Tower, google it.