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In Generation 5, Knock Off had a base power of 20. It also did not get the boost from removing an item that it does in more recent gens. Is removing items that crucial in Gen 5 OU, or can a team do without Knock Off? Which Pokemon use Knock Off effectively, if there are any?

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oh, I remember 2 mons that use knock off in gen 5, one is armaldo and 2nd is regigas. I saw them use it in false swipe gaming's video. But I don't play any gen 5 tier so I can't give an answer
You'll probably get a better answer by asking here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ask-a-simple-question-get-a-simple-answer-mark-ii-roa-edition.3468567/
@septile Neither are viable in gen 5 OU. I'm pretty sure that part of the video was about lower tiers.
yeah they are obiviously low tier mons
I'm sure it was pretty meh. The only time I've ever heard it used was on Ferrothorn to remove opposing Ferrothorn's leftovers. It was on BKC's 'building rain in bw ou' or 'ten years of bw ou w/ FInch'. It was either of those videos but I can't exact;y remember which one

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Knock Off, in Gen 5, is base 20 power and does not get any boost when the item is removed, as you already said. Seeing this, it would not be wise to use it on any offensive Pokemon that may use it as a STAB move or coverage move, for example Weavile in Gen 7 and 8. Defensive Pokemon's don't really mind the less power of Knock Off, removing the item maybe it's sole purpose. Other Pokemon's, such as Suicide Leads, may also utilize Knock Off in some way or the other, as their main role is to set hazards / not let hazards be set up, and then die. Removing items can be important, especially Leftovers from a few defensive Pokemons. Removing Life Orb's and Choice Items is also a relief during the latter part of the match. Let's move on to the Pokemons who can use Knock Off.

  1. Azelf: Great suicide lead, Stealth Rocks / Explosion / Knock Off / Taunt seems good.
  2. Clefable: Defensive Clefable's can sack some other move to keep Knock Off, but this is conditional. Clefable usually likes to keep other moves, like Stealth Rock, or Encore.
  3. Ferrothorn: Same reason as Clefable, it can utilize Knock Off at least to some extent.
  4. Whimsicott: It can also keep Knock Off, but removal of some other move such as Thunder Wave may be a problem

These are just some of the few Pokemon's who can make use of Knock Off in Gen 5 OU, as base 20 power is not screaming a sweeper. Other Pokemon's who don't care about the move's les power can also use it.
Hope it helped :3

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