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Now I want a nidoran with head smash as its egg move and please help me out.I am trying to breed a Nidoqueen with a male aggron knowing Head Smash.it results in a female nidoran will I get male in this process.Or do I need to do some changes in this breeding method.

Nidoqueen can't breed.

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Nidoqueen (and Nidorina) cannot breed, as they are in the Undiscovered egg group for whatever reason.

However, Nidoran♀ can breed. It is in the Field and Monster egg groups. Aggron is in the Monster egg group. Therefore, they are compatible.

Breeding a Nidoran♀ with a compatible Pokémon will give you a 50% chance of getting another Nidoran♀ and a 50% chance of getting a Nidoran♂.

Head Smash is one of Nidoran♂‘s egg moves, so you would get the Nidoran you want.

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Nidoqueen can't breed a Male Nidoran.Since, the Nido species are different depending on the gender.
Any Nidoqueen breeding will always result in a Female Nidoran.
I think there is only one way.
But,try to get a Nidoking,teach him Head Smash if it is possible to,do the whole process to pass Egg Moves and breed him with a Ditto.

If you hope to evolve this Nidoran to Nidoking,than just train a Nidoran until it evolves and then teach him Head Smash(if possible).

That's the only way I can think that you can get what you want.
If the breeding keeps resulting on Female Nidorans or the baby not having the move you want,than try checking in Nidoran's movepool to see if he can learn Head Smash by breed.
If this method not work,than I don't think it's possible.I'm sorry.

If i'm wrong,someone correct me.
I think you can have a way to do this without the whole process.Tho,i can't find out.

* Nidoqueen can't breed.
* The premise of the question to begin with is that Nidoking can't get Head Smash without breeding.